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Zoe Pirhardi
Biographical Information
Full Name Zohreh Katsaros Pirhadi
Born May 14th, 1995
Age 18 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as Unknown
Species Bender
House Pirhadi
Element Earth
Residence Urmia Hall
Allegiance Court
Family Parisa Pirhadi (mother)
Thermistoklis Katsaros (father)
Delia Fumero (foster mother)
Qhispi Amaru (foster mother)
Izan Awqa Fumero Amaru (foster brother)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Honey green
Height 5'8"

Zohreh Katsaros "Zoe" Pirhadi, born Zohreh Pirhadi, is a greek-iranian earth bender. She's a wombling.


Zoe was born to Parisa Pirhadi, an earth bender, and Themistoklis Katsaros, an underworlder. Both were members of the Allegiance.

Delia Fumero and her partner, Qhispi Amaru, were the one responsible for her upbringing.