Wombling, or ripped, is an expression used to describe those who have been conceived through the womb ripping process. It is considered illegal since the ban of 1042 AD. Currently, there are around thirty (twenty seven according to them) womblings alive, all results from the Grey War.

Origins and ethimology[edit | edit source]

After the First Perusian War, the Assembly stipulated a ban on the act of ripping the wombs of dead pregnant women as an act of war.

The ripping process was used to either humiliate the conquered nation in an elaborate, long term plan to breed slaves or to

Many Houses have been extinguished as others rose into relevance. The House of Aldaluz, a Catalan family, rose to the rank though this method.

Famous Members[edit | edit source]

  • Matias the Fast, famous VII century conqueror of the lands of the New World
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