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Will Sommerfold
Biographical Information
Full Name Wilhelm Iver Sommerfold
Born August 23rd, 1959
Age 15/16 (as of 1975)
36 (age of death)
Status Deceased
Also known as Wille (by his father)
Species Bender
House Sith
Element Water
Residence Sihakona
Allegiance Allegiance
Family Akarena Sommerfold † (grandmother)
Jonatan Sijak † (father)
Annmarie Sommerfold † (mother)
Lanna Sommerfold † (sister)
Lumma Sommerfold † (sister)
Emma Sommerfold † (sister)
Nate Sommerfold (son)
James St. Vincent † (partner)
Madeline Cerf (partner)
Physical attributes
Gender Non-binary (they/he)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Height 5'10"

Wilhelm Iver "Will" Sommerfold was a water bender and original heir to the Sith. He was a founding member of the Allegiance.

He was the sperm donor for Emilia Haruspex's son, Nate.


Early Life[]

Wilhelm was born to Annmarie Sommerfold and Jonatan Sijak in the Holy City. He grew up in the Sihakona.

He was the original heir to the Sith, but realized he didn't want it, so he gave up his birthright. His sister Lanna took over.

Personality and traits[]

Being born heir to an important family, he was pampered and trained to assume the task of Head.

Will suffers from depression and has attempted to end his life more than once.



Romantic Interest[]

Business Partner[]

  • Emiliana Haruspex: during their time as appointees, he served as Emi's "lab rat" and tested her concoctions. He also served as their initial sales person.


  • Kagiso Olebile: he met them as an appointee -- they were a childhood friend of his boyfriend and business partner -- and they helped Will realize he too was non-binary.
  • Aneta Pukacová: before becoming his girlfriend's best friend, the two developed a placate friendship that only grew as the years passed. He was the one to insist Aneta didn't give up on Madeline.
  • Richard Moreinstein: Jamie's and Emi's blood brother, Madeline's first friend, and a fellow founding member of the Allegiance, the two weren't the closest amongst the friend group but were still closer than either was with most people. Richard initially held Will with some contempt but as they got to know more of each other and Will proved committed to their cause time and time again -- to the point he immediately volunteered to sacrifice himself -- the water bender eventually grew on Dick.