Benders Wikia
Biographical Information
Full Name Toek of the Atrichornis
Born 22 BU
Age 15-16
Status Alive
Also known as Scrubbird
Species Bender
House Unknown
Element Fire
Residence Ulhak
Allegiance Ulhak
Family Clodes (father)
Bri (mother)
Frudak (brother)
Holenii (sister)
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Honey
Height Unknown

Toek of the Atrichornis is the youngest son of Clodes, King of Ulhak, and Bri, Queen of Ulhak. He's the younger brother of Frudak and Holenii.

He's the precursor of the ilustrious House of Atrichornis.


Early Life[]

Previous to the Akroetrina's arrival, Toek was a self-indulgent and hedonistic, much like the elemental herself--although that was a side of her only he knew about. They hit it off immediately and even after her true nature came to light, he struggled to cut all ties with her.


He was given the nickname scrubbird by his older brother due to his personality as a infant. He outgrew those marking traits making the nickname somehow comic.


  • He calls Akroetrina "old sis" or "older sister" due to her relationship with his sister and continues even after the relationship falls apart.