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The Incipiens is the official compilation of books, poems and other registers of traditions and origins of the Underworld. There have been several editions and adaptations in attempt to unify the source used around the world but despite those efforts a perfect monolith was never established. Still, the first two books and most of the basal points are virtually accepted by all.

Table of contents[]

Book the First[]

The first book in the Incipiens tells the story of the first benders. It describes the journey of Adish around the world to plant her seed and her posterior return to the birth land. It also follows her children's pilgrimage after her death and the establishment of the first land.

Book the Second[]

The second book revolves around the cursed benders who by the arrogance of their hearts depraved the original gift and how they were banished from the common realm. It also follows the separation of benders between four nations (one for each original elemtent) plus an aditional one for the new elements arising and any other misfits.

Book the Third[]

The third book is a mix of historical documents and registers with poems and epics of the age's heroes. It's divided in two parts: the first is comprised of all sort of analytical data from the five nations in the millenium following the banishment plus descriptions of rulers and their rulings, rebellions, etc. The second part explores the endevors of various influencial people in poems, epics, and more. Following the Unsealing, many of the Cogthink's contributions, which were censured by the newly formed Court when the rulers refused to submit to them, were reinstated.

Book the Fourth[]

This is the book where disagreements start to arise. Following the Unification, the registers started to ignore the Cogthik and new settlements around the world that weren't associated with the Court. Stories become onesided as some of the other newer species grow in numbers and start to form their own clans and governments separate. It also follows how by sheer force the Court subjugated the whole Underworld and entitled itself their lawenforcer. Since the story was told by them, the victors, they painted themselves as the pacifiers and heroes while anyone else became savage and barbaric.


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