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Selena Thore
Biographical Information
Full Name Selena Thore
Born June 2nd, 1994
Age 19 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as Unknown
Species Bender
House Thore
Element Earth
Residence Citadel
Allegiance Citadel
Family Seth Thore (father)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color White blond
Eye color Violet
Height 6'2"

Selena Thore is a diontine bender belonging to the House of Thore. She's the daughter of Modern Peruse Seth and lived in the Citadel untill it was destroyed in the Citadel Battle.

Physical description

Selena is described as having white-blond hair and violet eyes. Her skin is fair and smooth and over all she resembles a fairy.

Skills and abilities

Being a diontine, Selena can bend two elements, Earth and Air. Earth is her natural gift being set to be Peruse in the future and air is implied to have been inherited from her mother, though she doesn't know who she is.




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