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Richard Moreinstein
Biographical Information
Full Name Richard Henrik Moreinstein
Born February 3rd, 1960
Age 15 (as of 1975)
53 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as Dick
Rotter Ritter
Species Bender
House Atrichornis
Element Fire
Air (bloodbond James)
Earth (bloodbond Emilia)
Residence New York Assembly Building
Allegiance Court (former)
Family Emilia Haruspex † (bloodsister)
James St. Vincent † (bloodbrother)
Lulu Atrichornis † (mother)
Gerhardt Moreinstein (father)
Gabriel Moreinstein † (son)
Devin Moreinstein † (daugther)
Nate Sommerfold (rukosiko)
Felicia Atrichornis (cousin)
James Moreinstein (son)
Emilia Moreinstein (daughter)
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair color Wheat blond
Eye color Terracotta Brown
Height 6'3"

Richard Henrik Moreinstein is a fire bender head of the House of Atrichornis and the New York Assembly. Also, a Counselor. He's also a founding member of the Allegiance alongside his bloodsiblings James St. Vincent and Emilia Haruspex.


Early Life[]

Richard was born in New York to Lulu Atrichornis and Gerhardt Moreinstein. His mother as well as most of the house were murdered by a group of rogue ... shortly after his birth. The incident was never fully settled due to complications in the negotiations between benders and ... -- Richard never completely forgave the Court for its political compliance . His father raised him ... and then


When he became of age, Gerhardt sent him to the Academy to prepare him for being the leader of the house and

Formation of the Allegiance[]

Graduation and appointing as Head[]

When he graduated Richard was immediately designated Head of the Atrichornis House but due to the recent reduction in their numbers he was permitted to fulfill his practice training in other houses as well.

Avengence of his House[]

Grey War[]

Richard's and Emilia's involvement remained unknown to the Court so they acted as ..., profiting from the occasional success they brought


Richard's participation in the Allegiance remained unknown and he remained an active part of the Court with increased respect and visibility due to his heroic contribution and strategic input.

His relationship with Maki Ariadne also resulted in two children: Gabriel and Devin. Due to his involvement with the late Felicia Atrichornis and her family his children were attributed to her, though she was already dead by the time of Devin's birth.

Physical Description[]

Richard has wheat blond hair and terracotta brown eyes, which look red, with a stout though elegant frame. He has broad shoulders and thinner waist.

Though his greater attributes are on the cognitive and academic field he's also a capable fighter and physically strong.