Proscina IV
Biographical Information
Full Name Proscina Octavia of Sihak
Born 55 BU
Age 49 (during the Sith Chronicles)
55 (as of Unification)
Status Alive
Also known as Unknown
Species Bender
House Sith
Element Water
Residence Sihak
Allegiance Sihak
Family Moexitma (great-grandmother)
Proscina III (grandmother)
Jtostena II (mother)
Akroetrina (daughter)
Myla (granddaughter)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue/green
Height 6'0"

Proscina IV was the queen of the Sihak, water lands, during the Second Era and Unification. She was succeeded by her daughter, Lady Sith, on the throne.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prisca is the daughter of Jtostena and Aquila of the Earth Lands. She's the fourth of her name and eighth ruler of Sihak to belong to House of Sith.

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