Nate Sommerfold
Biographical Information
Full Name Nathaniel Jonathan Haruspex-Sommerfold
Born October 30th, 1995
Age 17 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as
Species Bender
House Sith
Element Water
Residence Moreinstein Manor
Allegiance Court
Family Will Sommerfold † (father)
Emiliana Haruspex † (mother)
Richard Moreinstein (rukoriak)
James St. Vincent (rukoriak)
Gabriel Moreinstein (brother)
Devin Moreinstein (sister)
Mel Shain (third cousin)
Celine Shain (great-aunt)
Cat Beaufils (bloodsister)
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue/Green
Height 5'11

Nathaniel Jonathan "Nate" Haruspex Sommerfold is a water bender. He possesses the Vision, ability which allows him to extract information from almost all creatures and objects, being the first Envisioner known of in centuries. He's the last member of the notorious House of Sith, being orphaned after the Grey War. He's a skilled fighter, having acquired domain in many fighting techniques and mastery with varied weapons.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Nate was born from Will Sommerfold and Emilia Haruspex. Being the last survivor of the Sith, he had to take after his father name to ensure the continuity of the bloodline. His mother was murdered before his birth which forced Richard to rip his mother's corpse open to remove him, granting him the status of Wombling.

Richard Moreinstein, his mother's bloodbrother, was her appointed korumari. The Small Council imprisoned Nate's Psychimizois in a Crorteix to ensue his capabilities could be best used by the Court.

Nate knew James, his father's appointed rukoriak, before the events passed in the Citadel but his memory was concealed so he couldn't remember their encounters and therefore he wouldn't accidently account for them to the Council.

As a child, upon learning about the actual Grey War, he joined the Allegiance.

Previous to James's return[edit | edit source]

Previous to his encounter with Cat Beaufils, Nate was frequently seen in revelries and parties that ranged from underworld orgies to unbounded night clubs.

He was looking for a way to annul the bond tying him to the Crorteix.

Blood sister[edit | edit source]

After an almost successful suicide attempt, he was joined to Cat to prevent his demise.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

He's depicted as nonchalant and conceited by Cat at first as he persists on being playful and reckless despite the direness of the situation.

He has a serious side that is often trimmed with his gloomy and dark mood. He's very knowledgeable due to the Vision.

Having visioned people from different contexts and through contrasting backgrounds, Nate possesses exquisite social skills, being able to read people and situations almost to . He can't read minds but once he's visioned a person he retains their mindset and therefore their thinking process so he can basically infer on what they are thinking.

As the story progresses, Cat discovers all his conceit and ... are but a façade to his inner emptiness and self-disgust.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Nate is described throughout the series as attractive, drawing attention wherever he goes and luring his observes into attenting his wishes. He's described as having fine, curly, dark brown hair which he usually doesn't tend for and wears in a charmingly messy way. He's got heterochromia, having one blue eye trimmed in gold around the iris and the other green trimmed in gray. His eye mutation is implied to derive from the magical nature of the Vision.

He has a muscled constitution, having "painfully defined biceps and triceps and back and leg muscles"[1], as defined by Cat. Due to his intense training and combating practice, amounted to other hobbies, such as weldering and horse riding, Nate is a . Despite all the ..., he is still lithe and fast.

He has a scar behind his right ear originated from a car accident.

He's ambidextrous, though his hand of choice is the left.

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Water Bending: his element of affinity is water and other polar liquids. He also uses it for healing.
  • Earth, Air, and Fire Bending: after being tied to Cat
  • Vision:
    • Mentis excessus: He can access one's mind and knock
  • Mastery in several fighting styles, as Greco-Roman Wrestling,
  • Above average strength being able to handle Richard single-handed in combat
  • He's a decent welder, able to perform the tasks of a smith and forger
  • He's fluent in several languages, amongst which French, German, Greek, Japanese, Ukranian, Russian, Zulu
  • He's a capable driver.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Sith Manor House and lands, to which he'll be rightful donned when he comes to age

Head of the Sith House Ring, the most ancient piece dating from early century

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Sith[edit | edit source]

Though being heir to great possessions and titles due to the Sith, Nate has never actually had any contact with another living Sith for they are apparently extinguished

Mother House[edit | edit source]

Atrichornis[edit | edit source]

Having been raised by Richard with his children, Gabriel and Devin, as his son Nate is seen by the Court as part of the Moreinstein Family. He considers both Gabriel and Devin Moreinstein his siblings (as do they).

James[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

Cat Beaufils: Blood Sister.

Malcolm: Having known each other for years (it is implied Malcolm has seen Nate as a toddler), their relation mutated throughout the years.[edit | edit source]

Madame Circe: Mother figure.[edit | edit source]

Nellie: It is suggested they might have had some casual affair in the past but both parts are seen to be past it. They exchange favors frequently.[edit | edit source]

Jost Heidenreich: They're frequently helping each other out. Jost looks up at Nate with respect which is shown to be mutual.[edit | edit source]


Enemies[edit | edit source]


Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nate is thorough-read in several areas, from poetry to academic research, quoting extensively throughout the series a well as making a couple of productions of his own.
  • Having never been officially named by his mother and all the information provided being his future nickname, both Jonathan and Nathaniel could be applied as fitting names for him so he kept both possibilities most of his life.
  • His father's father was named Jonatan and his mother's father was named Nathanial who he ended up being named after.
  • Cat in House of Blood and Fire
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