Biographical Information
Full Name Miroslav Maël Pukac-Cerf
Born November 15th, 1993
Age 19 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as Mike Deere
Species Bender
House Cerf and Pukac
Element Air, Earth and Water
Residence North
Allegiance Allegiance
Family James St. Vincent (adoptive father)
Adamas Cerf † (paternal grandfather)
Adeline Beaufils † (paternal grandmother)
Robert Cerf (father)
Dionýz Vavrinec † (maternal grandfather)
Vladimíra Pukacová † (maternal grandmother)
Aneta Pukacová † (mother)
Madeline Cerf (aunt)
Cat Beaufils (cousin)
Ane Pukacová Cerf (daughter)
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair color Bleach-blond
Eye color Brown
Height 6'1"

Miroslav Maël "Mirek" Pukac-Cerf is a triontine. He was brought up by James St. Vincent. He was trained from a very young age to be a leader and a strategist. By the time the events in the Perilous Tides take place, he's already a commander of the insurgent forces.


Previous to the Grey War

Mirek was born to Aneta Pukacová and Robert Cerf. He was one, almost two, during the Grey War.

Skills and abilities


Although he' a triontine, Mirek hasn't yet discovered his third affinity element. Before he met Nate, he wasn't aware of the thrid affinity

  1. Air: his biological father's element of control
  2. Earth: his biological mother's element of control
  3. Water:
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