Malena Helah
Biographical Information
Full Name Malena Helah
Born January 6th, 1994
Age 19 (at the time of death)
Status Deceased
Also known as Mal
Species Northerner
House Helah
Element Unknown
Residence Unknown
Allegiance Unknown
Family Shacha Helah (mother)
Lok Gtefra (father)
Anna Helah (sister)
Abner Helah (brother)
Tobit Helah (brother)
Terebinth Helah (sibling)
Physical attributes
Gender Non-binary (they/them)
Hair color Rose Brown
Eye color Russet
Height Unknown

Malena "Mal" Helah was a halfling born on the South with the Gift.

They were in a relationship with Kassi.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mal has caramel skin, rose brown hair, and russet eyes.

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