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Madeline Beaufils
Biographical Information
Full Name Madeline Beaufils-Cerf
Born July 31st, 1960
Age 14/15 (as of 1975)
52 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as Maddie
Canus daughter
Species Bender
House Cerf
Element Air
Residence Queens, New York
Allegiance Allegiance
Family Adamas Cerf † (father)
Adeline Beaufils † (mother)
Cat Beaufils (child)
Robert Cerf (brother)
Aneta Pukacová † (sister-in-law)
Miroslav Pukac Cerf (nephew)
Will Sommerfold † (partner)
James Cinis † (partner)
Ashaktir (partner)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Bleach-blond
Eye color Black
Height 5'9"

"Life's funny. It turns the most vehement of us into hypocrites. I, who once fought those same inequalities, am now benefiting from them."

--Madeline to Robert Cerf

Madeline Cerf, also known as Madeline Beaufils, is an air bender. She currently resides in New York with her child, Cat, and her brother, Robert.


Early Life[]

Madeleine was born to Adamas Cerf and Adeline Beaufils, a Caliga. She was brought up in the Paris Hall but moved to Aralen to attend the Academia with other benders of her age. Being the eldest child, she took charge.


During her time as an student and then an appointee, Cerf was considered to be one of (if not the) best. During her second year, her family reputation was disgraced by their their father's decision to pursue their mother's assassination, and then murder.

Unbounded Life[]

After the events of the Grey War, she fled with her brother to the United States where they settled down. Being related to her, despite not having been a part of the Allegiance, and having lost both his partner and their son, Robert agreed to go with his sister, not turning her into the Court. She would have been the only one capable of identifying Richard as a fellow member of the Allegiance but refused to have anything to do with bender affairs. She later found out to be pregnant with a child of James.

Physical description[]

Madeline is described as having long, wavy to curly blond hair and "black" eyes. She's slim, remaining fit in her unbounded life. Madeline was deemed the prettiest girl on her time at the Academia, being well-known for her looks.