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Biographical Information
Full Name Ashaktir
Born IX-X century
Age ~900 years
Status Alive
Also known as Ash
Madame Circe
Ashley Wang
Species Maki
House Unknown
Element Maki
Residence Chinatown, NY
Allegiance Unknown
Family Kunigunde Moreinstein (partner)
Morgan Lorne (partner)
Madeline Beaufils (partner)
Levi (foster son)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Height 5'8"

Ashaktir, Ash for short, professionally known as Madame Circe, is a praecantatrix based in Chinatown, Manhattan. Her operations are hidden behind the façade of a hedgewitch and fortune teller sanctuary so her costumers won't be jeopardized by exposing themselves. Unlike most energy-bending beings, Ash can also control the natural elements, which makes her the successor to Lady Ariadne.


Early Life

Very little is known about Ash's origins and early life.


At some point in her youth, Ash was found to be a

Physical decription

Ashaktir is described to have very straight, long, silky, black hair. Her eyes, like most magical creatures, are devoid of irises and pupils, in her case being completly black. Cat upon consulting her stated that "her eyes were like the void, bottomless and addicting." Her black hair and eyes are contrated with her marble-like white skin and . She's lean and tall with long arm, fingers and legs.


The building on which her Sanctuary is housed is considered by the Court as one of the best protected within New York City.

One of the two permanent portals available in the city is located there granting her the exclusiveness . The Assembly in New York is greatly bothered by her activities but since she's been installed there previous to any valid accords between Benders and Underworlders there's not much they can do.



Romantic Interests