The Lusus Naturae Trilogy or The Sith Chronicles is a series of young adult novels by author Ally Turing  and, chronologically, it's the first of the Bender Chronicles.

The series follows Lady SithFrudakToekHolenii  and other members of Underworld in their struggle against the uprising of the North. Lusus naturae means "a freak of nature".

The first novel follows Akroetrina and others fighting against the Unsealing. The second book follows the beginning of the Unification and the creation of the Court.

All hope abandoned - book title The beginning of always - book title

Omne bonum a Deo, omne malum ab homine. All good from God, all evil from man.— Saint Augustine, 354-430, Christian theologian & philosopher

Regina non potest peccare. The queen can do no wrong. —  Latin proverb

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat. All hours wound, the last one kills. —  Medieval Sundial motto

Nihil sub sole novum. Nothing is new under the sun. —  Latin phrase

Hell is empty, all the devils are here

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