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Kunigunde Moreinstein
Biographical Information
Full Name Kunigunde Hildegard Moreinstein
Born Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Also known as The first of her name
Kunigunde Atrichornis
Species Bender
House Atrichornis
Element Fire
Residence Munich Hall
Holy City
New Amsterdam Hall (later known as New York Assembly)
Allegiance Court
Family Leberecht Moreinstein (son)
Adalheidis Moreinstein (daughter)
Ashaktir (partner)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Height Unknown

Kunigunde Hildegard Moreinstein, born Kunigunde Hildegard Atrichornis, was a fire and earth bender considered to be the matriarch to the Moreinstein Family.


Though the Moreinsteins is a traditional fire bending family it is uncertain whether the family

The best accepted version currently is that she was a diontine capable of bending both Fire and Earth.