James and Emilia Moreinstein
Biographical Information
Full Name James Moreinstein and Emilia Moreinstein
Born 2014
Age 0 (as of 2014)
Status Alive
Also known as Unknown
Species Halfling
House Atrichornis
Element Fire
Residence Moreinstein Manor
Allegiance Unknown
Family Richard Moreinstein (father)
Maki Ariadne (mother)
Gabriel Moreinstein † (brother)
Devin Moreinstein † (sister)
Nate Sommerfold (adoptive brother)
Gerhardt Moreinstein (grandfather)
Lulu Atrichornis † (grandmother)
Physical attributes
Gender Male and Female
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Light brown
Height Unknown

James and Emilia Moreinstein are fire bender twins born to Richard Moreinstein and Maki Ariadne. They were named after Richard's bloodsiblings, James St. Vincent and Emilia Haruspex.

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