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The Grey War, or Grey Insurgence, sometimes simply the Insurgence, was a series of battles fought by benders of the Court against a Northerner force led by James St. Vincent. It was named after St. Vincent's House, House of Grey.


James, being a Grey, suffered prejudice from the Court and ... in spite of

When he was denied the right of being an appointee solely because of his lineage in spite to all his attributions, he set up for revenge an sworn to extinguish the Sith.

When his ... Will Sommerfold, the set-to-be Head of the Sith, declined the offer of becoming an apointee, James' feeling were aggravated and he s

He told his close childhood friend, Richard Moreinstein, his intentions and he, who shared simmilar feelings, agreed to be his partner and introduced him to

He used his Northerner ascendence to forge alliances with North People leaders

He also recruited other ... benders for his army and together they

Fall of House of Sith[]

Following his , James set out to annihilate his so despised

He pursued all the members of the house around the world in a modern blitzkrieg fashion, articulating several attacks in apparently random locations of the globe, each being led by one of his officers, at once.

Since they mureded anyone who stood in their way, which usually included spouses, relatives and friends, it took the court some time to realize what they were after and elaborate a plan to counterattack.


The Court

But the majority of the Sith had alrealdy been murdered

Murder of the Head[]

James then set out to slaughter himself his final victims, the Head of the Sith House.

They finally subdued the remaining combaters, the Head, ..., his son and his daughter in law, who was pregnant.

In the warmth of the combat, the Court was alerted of the battle in the Sith Manor

They didn't catch the Aligence but they came in time to save the baby inside Emily's womb.


James was considered dead by the Court

The remaining Allegiance officers were sentenced to death.

Richard's involvement was never discovered and he kept his alliance to the Allegiance cause. He was soon promoted to eminence and became an influent leader, being Head of an important family.

In spite of all the bloodshed, a last member of the Sith remained alive, Nate Sommerfold. He was put under the custody of the Court and being constantly watched giving he was found to be an Envisioner. Instead of killing him, James and Richard opted for using him for their profit and Richard, who already had a son, was voted as legal guardian of the child.