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Emilia Haruspex
Biographical Information
Full Name Emiliana Haruspex Shain
Born October 18th, 1959
Age 15/16 (as of 1975)
36 (age of death)
Status Deceased
Also known as Emilia
Species Bender
House Haruspex
Element Earth
Air (bloodbond James)
Fire (bloodbond Richard)
Residence Holy City
Allegiance Allegiance
Family James St. Vincent † (bloodbrother)
Richard Moreinstein (bloodbrother)
Andressa Haruspex † (mother)
Nathanial Shain † (father)
Alessandra Shain † (sister)
Abadiah St. Vincent (brother-in-law)
Celine Shain (aunt)
L'uba Pláňskerová (cousin)
Nate Haruspex (son)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Smokey topaz
Height 5'10"

Emiliana Haruspex, commonly known as Emilia, was an earth bender and founding member of the Allegiance, alongside with James St. Vincent and Richard Moreinstein, her bloodbrothers. She had a son Nate.


Early Life[]

Emilia was born to Andressa Haruspex, a Courtier, and Nathanial Shain, a Citadeler. Her older sister, Alessandra, is fifteen years older than her. She was raised in the Holy City along with other prominent benders.


As a child she attended the Academia to be prepared for her governamental future.


When her basic education was fundamented, Emilia opted to continue in the Academia as an Appointee.

Physical description[]

Emilia has seal brown skin and smokey topaz eyes. Her skin is dark and smooth. Her features are as delicate and elegant (high cheekbones, arched eyebrows and a prominent jawline). She's tall and lean.

Personality and traits[]

She's scheming and cunning. Always gets what she wants. Subtle in her conquers. Down to earth.




  • James St. Vincent: James's uncle, Abadiah, was Emilia's older sister's partner. They started to date about the time the two were born so they grew up as cousins (they call each other so) even though they're not blood-related.
  • Richard Moreinstein: Due to their common connection with James, they met each other and formed a relation of mutual respect and admiration. They have similar down to earth and planning natures in opposition to James's visionary and idealistic personality.