Devin Moreinstein
Biographical Information
Full Name Devin Kunigunde Moreinstein
Born February 11th, 1996
Age 17 (as of 2013)
Status Alive
Also known as Dev
Devilyn (by Matfey)
Species Bender
House Atrichornis
Element Fire
Residence Moreinstein Manor
Allegiance Court
Family Richard Moreinstein (father)
Gabriel Moreinstein (brother)
Nate Sommerfold (brother)
Gerhardt Moreinstein (grandfather)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
Height 5'9" 1/2

Devin Kunigunde "Dev" Moreinstein is a fire bender currently under the New York Assembly. She's the only daughter of Richard Moreinstein, and the sister of Gabriel Moreinstein and Nate Sommerfold.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Devin was born from Richard Moreinstein and Felicia Atrichornis. Her mother died shortly after the Grey War and giving birth to her. Her father doesn't talk much or at all about her and neither Devin or her brother, Gabriel, feel inclined to touch this delicate subject.

She was born in the Holy City and raised in New York. Her mother was killed some months after her birth.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Devin is strong-minded and very opinionated maintaining her opinions despite odds being against her and only truly changes her mind when concrete proof is presented.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Devin is described as extremely gorgeous. The contrast between her hair, which is red, and bright green eyes is one of her most outstanding features. She's slim and strong. Her muscles are not as apparent as her brothers' but her flesh is very firm.

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

As a bender Devin is skilled with all sort of weapons though she prefers axes and spears, though she also carries a sword with her.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The epithet Devyn in Old French carried the meaning of 'divine' (Mod. Fr. divin). It was given to the highest of kings, as a title conveying the sense of a perfect or flawless being. A descendent of the Latin dīvīnus, Old French devin ultimately derives from the name of the Proto-Indo-European god Dyēus (q.v.), followed by the Greco-Latin suffix -īnus: thus a combined meaning of 'godlike' or 'godly'.

Kunigunde is in honor of the Moreinstein Family matriarch, Kunigunde Moreinstein.

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