Cat Beaufils
Biographical Information
Full Name Catherine Aglaé Beaufils
Born June 25th, 1996
Age 17 (as of 2013)
26 (as of 2022)
Status Alive
Also known as Picachu
Canus daughter
Species Bender
House Cinis
Residence Queens, New York City
Allegiance Court
Family Nate Sommerfold (bloodbrother)
Madeline Cerf (mother)
James St. Vincent (father) †
Robert Cerf (uncle)
Adeline Beaufils (maternal grandmother) †
Adamas Cerf (maternal grandfather) †
Unice Cinis (paternal grandmother)
Athaliah St. Vincent (paternal grandfather) †
Miroslav Pukac Cerf (cousin)
Aneta Pukacová (aunt) †
Physical attributes
Gender Demifemale (she/they)
Hair color Gray (natural)
Purple (currently)
Eye color Dark gray
Height 5'7"

Catherine Aglaé "Cat" Beaufils (also known as Catherine Cerf-Cinis) is an Elemental Bender. She's the daughter of Madeline Cerf and insurgent leader James St. Vincent. She lived the majority of her life as an unbounded, unaware of her true nature and family heritage.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth and expatriation[edit | edit source]

After the end of the Grey War, a self-conscious Madeline fled from the Court with her brother, Robert Cerf, into the regular world to raise her daughter away from the dangers of the underworld and the prejudices she might suffer.

In spite of the fact she didn't have a father, Cat always considered her uncle, Robert, such. Cat grew up believing her father to have died in France before she was born.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

She's described to be a mix of both her parents features, looking at the same time similar and different from them. Her eyes aren't of the same gray shade of her father's.

Cat's hair is neither Cerf blond nor Cinis black. Due to a mutation, her hair is blondish gray though her eyebrows and the rest of her body hair is black. She dyes her roots two shades darker than her natural hair color.

In the first book of the series, her hair was dyed purple which she later dyed back into her natural shade to avoid identification. She has claimed to have had dyed her hair in teal, blue, pink, violet and magenta previous to the events in the books.

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

Elements[edit | edit source]

Cat is an Elemental and as so she can control all four elements aditionally bending them in unique ways

  1. Air: Cat's first element, the one she inherited from her father and mother
  2. Earth: at the Citadel, Cat learned she could ... during a combat with her father. She imprisoned him under a pile of dirt and rocks. She learns how to control metals.
  3. Fire: the third element to come to her.
  4. Water: the last and hardest element for Cat to master
  5. Vision: her bloodbrother's.

She had a transient experience bending water previous to full mastery. As Nate's vitae dried out, she lost the Vision and Water control.

Fighting Skills[edit | edit source]

Cat took fencing classes from childhood and at her current age she describes herself as a decent fencer.

Other abilities[edit | edit source]

She can ride bikes and horses.

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Madeline took her mother's French surname when in exile.

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