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Behold the online encyclopedia for the Bender World created by Ally Turing. This collaborative wiki documents the works of the Benders Chronicles, which so far amount to the Perilous Tides, the Sith Trilogy, the Raven Curses, the Hell Within, and Silver Wheels.

Warning! Watch out for spoilers.

About the Underworld[]

The book series take place in different locations and epochs, following relevant events to the Underworld's history both presently and in the past.

The Perilous Tides centers on the life of Cat Beaufils, an unbounded teen who finds out they're a bender, and their coming to terms with their heritage. Other central characters to the series are Nate Sommerfold, Devin Moreinstein, Gabriel Moreinstein, Selena Thore, Nick Campbell, Charlie Bicchieri, Mel Shain and Zoe Pirhadi.

The Sith Trilogy revolves around the life of Lady Sith, one of the most important benders to ever exist, previous to becoming the iconic leader she is now known to be, during the unification process and wars.

The Cinis Trilogy takes place 40 years after the events in the Sith Trilogy. It follows Set Cinis, the first Cinis, and his journey of self-discovery, revenge and redemption.

The Raven Curses will follow 19th Century benders Avelon Rapport, Élie Cerf, Morgan Lorne, Adi Iskandar, Lestari Cahaya, Lenore Sommerfold and Levi Athan.

Silver Wheels is set to take place years after the end of the Perilous Tides and it will feature three yet unknown characters, Aaron, Kalu and Khorsheed, who were directly affected by the events occurred during those books.

The Hell Within is a project of novellas telling the story of the Allegiance from its early days to the completion of the Grey War.


The Perilous Tides The Sith Trilogy The Raven Curses Silver Wheels The Hell Within
Cat Akroetrina Avelon Rapport Aaron Benítez James St. Vincent
Nate Frudak Élie Cerf Khorsheed Richard Moreinstein
Devin Toek Lestari Cahaya Kalu Akoni Emilia Haruspex
Gabriel Holenii Adi Iskandar Caleb Benítez Will Sommerfold
Nick Khtuit Morgan Lorne Ty Morcyne Madeline Cerf
Charlie Omahna Ashaktir Levi Robert Cerf
Selena Oogyera  Clarimonde Wolflang Andrea Benítez Aneta Pukacová
Jost Gtefra Erich Schwarzeder Nallu Oogyera Kagiso Olebile
Zoe Lenore Sommerfold Mhael Vallar Batari
Mel Levi Amana Mortigk Ekon Nwankwo 

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