Bender is a person who has dexterity in the wielding and handling of one of the four elemental forces. Most benders can bend only one element. There are though some anomalies that allow a select number of bendes to manipulate more than one element.

History[edit | edit source]

According to Book the First of The Incipiens, the first benders to

Types of Bender[edit | edit source]

Water Bender[edit | edit source]

Benders who have an affinity with the natural element water are called

Fire Bender[edit | edit source]

Air Bender[edit | edit source]

Earth bender[edit | edit source]

Rarities[edit | edit source]

It's believed that 98.4-99.2% of benders have access to one element. Those who exceed those are

Diontine[edit | edit source]

Benders who can bend two elements

Triontine[edit | edit source]

Benders who can bend three elements

Elemental[edit | edit source]

Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Envisioner[edit | edit source]

All benders and underworlders possess the Vision but those who have full access of the it and thus can "see" through people and ... objects as some Northerners are called Envisioners.

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