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Akroetrina of the Sihak
Biographical Information
Full Name Akroetrina Okreonta of Sihak
Born 28 BU
Age 21 (during the Sith Chronicles)
28 (by time of the Unification)
Status Alive
Also known as Lady Sith
Species Bender
House Sith
Element Elemental
Residence Sihak
Allegiance Sihak
Court (later)
Family Lagina Sihak (predecessor)
Proscina I
Proscina II
Jtostena I
Moexitma (great-great-grandmother)
Proscina III (great-grandmother)
Jtostena II (grandmother)
Proscina IV (mother)
Oogyera (blood sister)
Omahna (blood sister)
Myla (daughter)
Luux (son)
Set Cinis (son)
Anara (daughter)
Romala (child)
Perki (son)
Grud (child)
Horak (son)
Curjo (daughter)
Fahrek (child)
Jfir (daughter)
Lure (child)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Golden
Height 5 ft 11

Akroetrina Sihak, also known as Lady Sith, was an elemental bender and envisioner who lived during the Second and Unification Eras. She was the last CorolkiSihak ruler to live and direct descendent of Lagina Sihak. She's credited for the expulsion of northerners from this dimention and closure of the portal and Unification. Lady Sith is considered one of the most important benders to ever have lived.

Three bender houses descend directly from her: the Sith, through her daughter Myla, the Cinis, through her son Set, and the Vaer'vek, through her son Luux.


Early Life[]

Akroetrina was born to Proscina IV of the Sihak and an unamed Northerner prince, a fact which she tends to hide.

She has two blood sisters -- as all Corolkis do.

She had 12 children, none of which she raised: Myla, Luux, Set, Anara, Romala, Perki, Grud, Horak, Curjo, Fahek, Jfir, Lure.

Personality and traits[]

Powers and skills[]

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