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Adeline Beaufils
Biographical Information
Full Name Adeline Beaufils
Born 1935
Age (at the time of her death)
Status Deceased
Also known as Unknown
Species Caliga
House Beaufils
Element Light
Residence Beaufils Maison
Allegiance Caliga
Family Albertine Beaufils † (mother)
Fabrice Lyle † (father)
Albine Beaufils † (sister)
Alexis Beaufils (brother)
Adamas Cerf † (partner)
Madeline Beaufils (daughter)
Robert Beaufils (son)
Mirek Pukac Cerf (grandson)
Cat Beaufils (grandchild)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark purple
Height Unknown

Adeline Beaufils was a Caliga. She was born to Albertine Beaufils and had two siblings: Albine and Alexis. Her partner, Adamas Cerf, and she were the parents of Madeline and Robert.