Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Discere docendo
To learn through teaching
Location Aralen
Inhabitants Unknown

Praeparatoria Academiae pro Elementum Moderatoris (Preparatory Academy for Benders), commonly known as the Academia, is an institution on the bender world responsible for the basic education of young courtiers mainly those living in the Holy City.

Bender education can happen in two ways: the Academia or homeschooling. Some consider the common classes given to the underage benders in larger metropolis to be a separate modal but as seen by the Court it fits the homeschooling description.

Origin[edit | edit source]

When the Unification first took place, it was established that the leader's children should be given the same education as a .. measure and for that end the Academia was created.

Preparation for Administrative and Governamental Careers[edit | edit source]

Besides the regular education given to benders of all age, the Academia also has a campus dedicated to the preparation of future leaders and representatives

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